8 Muscle Building Rules To Change Your Training Forever
Written by Frank Rich on January 23, 2019
When it comes to building our physiques, we’re all chasing after that “Golden Ticket”.

We’re trying to find that “secret recipe”, or the overnight solution that will eliminate all the hard work ahead of us, and have us waking up one day with the body we’ve always dreamed of.

And to make matters worse we’re bombarded constantly with marketing messages and headlines pimping out the latest and greatest “Detox Tea”, Flat Belly Destroyer, or magic pill that so-called experts and influencers have supposedly used to sculpt their bodies.
Here’s the thing nobody wants to hear…

Building a great physique takes time. I know it's cliche to say that this is more of a marathon than a sprint, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Even if you began training in your teen years, and possessed great muscle building genetics, you wouldn’t reach anywhere near your “best” body until your mid to late 30s, that’s nearly 2 decades of consistent and intelligent training.

It’s going to take a lot more than a $29 ebook or 12 week course to get you there.

Now I’m in no way knocking online training programs or coaching, as it is my primary source of impact, and my 12 week muscle building program, Massthetic Muscle, has helped 1000s of men around the world improve their training, accelerate muscle growth, and build incredible physiques.
But even the most perfectly written program (exercises, sets, reps, etc), will still leave you short of becoming your greatest self if it's not partnered with an intelligent approach, strong mindset, and desire for mastery.

What I want to share with you are 8, time tested, and proven principles that come from the perspective of how you approach your training, and how you go about each and every rep, and how you vision your physique before training…

These are not about the WHAT!

I’m not going to give you another series of exercises to build a specific body part.

I’m not going to give you the ideal rep range to create sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.

I’m not going to give you intensifying techniques to increase time under tension.
I am going to provide you with the mindset tools needed to block out all disturbances, provide you with absolute tunnel vision, and the winning mindset to make anything possible in the gym.

If you can take the time to dissect each principle, and understand it for what it truly means, you will change your training forever and be set up for a lifetime of gains.

8 Muscle Building Rules To Change Your Training Forever

1. It's not what you do, it's how you do it. - What is the objective of each set? What muscle are you training? How is it being challenged? It's not about reps or load. Execution is key! 

2. You can’t out fish oil bad movement patterns. - Don’t look to supplements to enhance results. Start with the basics and perfect movements. 

3. Work smarter not harder. - Distance is the forgotten variable. If you can squat to 90 degrees, and improve upon that to get lower (with the same weight), that is a form of progressive overload. The bigger the distance, the more work and less need for load. 

4. Mental cues are vital. - Think reverse action in training. In a squat, you are not pushing the weight up, you are pushing the floor away. Positive perspective impacts training. 

5. Train proud. - Physically emulate confidence. This is the energy you bring to your workouts. 

6. There’s no such thing as weak body parts or bad genetics. - It’s just poor movement patterns or lack of understanding of how to train muscles effectively. 

7. Have conscious awareness of breathing patterns. - Controlled breath means control of the autonomic nervous system, improved recovery, and takes you out of a sympathetic state (fight or flight/stressed state). 

8. Training is mediation if you want to improve your physique. - Focus. Be mindful. Use discipline and not disconnection. We are not drunk monkeys slinging weight around the gym. Put away your ego train with intention. 
The key with these rules is that you must ADAPT them as your “Training Constitution”. 

The must became ingrained who who you are, no substitutions. 

Each rule plays an important role in who you become from your efforts in the gym. 

Commit to a daily practice of them each and every time you step foot in the gym and watch your physique and life transform before your eyes. 

If you are interested in finding out how you can work one on one with Frank, and have him personally coach you to building your greatest physique, and living your greatest live, send an email to frankrich.fitness@gmail.com with subject line, “Interested in Coaching”. 

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Frank Rich

Frank Rich is an online fitness entrepreneur, fitness author, certified trainer & nutrition coach, and bodybuilder. He has close to 2 decades of training experience himself, and has helped thousands of men around the world build muscle, lose fat, and transform their lives. Frank has dedicated himself to helping 100,000 men build what he defines as a MASSTHETIC PHYSIQUE. 
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