Why You SHOULD Train 2 Days In A Row
Written by Frank Rich on July 27, 2018
So here we are, it’s a new week and you’re ready to get back into the routine of hitting the gym, either first thing in the morning or after a long work day. 

You are beyond excited because this is the week that things are going to change… you’ve been focused and committed to the plan for months but can’t seem to get past that plateau that you’ve been stuck at.

Not anymore!

The new found muscle that you’ve been dying to have is right within reach, so close that you can taste it.

Because the key to success is consistency, right? 

For the most part, yes, if you ever plan to succeed at anything in life, especially building a muscular physique, you must stay focused and consistent with your planning and execution.

Except, there’s still one problem. 

You’ve haven’t changed anything that you’re doing. 

Albert Einstein defined insanity as “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”.

Here’s what I mean…

Maybe you’re following a 5 day split, hitting every body part just once in the week. Or you might have more of a frequency based program where you’re doubling or tripling up body parts in a day so that each muscle is hit twice in a week… Or perhaps, it’s a push/pull/leg split.

Whatever the case is, why would this be the week that things suddenly change if you continue doing the exact same things you’ve been doing for months?

It’s time for a drastic change or implementation of a new training philosophy.

What if I told you the missing ingredient that you’ve been searching for is training a body part 2 days in a row?

Yes, that’s right. If you are looking to shatter through a plateau, whether it be in strength or size, then you need to be training that body part in back to back days.

Let me explain…

I’d like to introduce to you a training method that I have used on myself and with clients for that past few years to help bring up certain body parts when trying to build a sculpt a well-balanced and aesthetic physique. This method is known as Neuromuscular Frequency Training (NFT).

Neuromuscular Frequency Training (NFT) is a training approach where you will train the same muscle group 2 days in a row. The first day will be a complete workout, consisting of heavy loads, really focusing on strength training principles and hypertrophy results. The second day, what some will call a “feeder workout”, will be much more of a pump style workout where you are training with lighter loads, and higher pump ranges that consist of somewhere between 6-10 total sets.

This second day workout can be completed prior to your regular training for the day, or done at a separate time. The important factor is that you get it completed within 24-36 hours of the first training session.

This second day workout can be completed prior to your regular training for the day, or done at a separate time. The important factor is that you get it completed within 24-36 hours of the first training session.

For example, you train arms on Monday. Tuesday is leg day, so before you train legs, spend about 15 minutes with your “pump style” arm workout, bringing as much blood into those muscles as possible.

What you will notice, and this has been the feedback from others I have written this programming for, is that the second workout will have a much better mind-muscle connection. You will “feel” the contractions to a greater extent, and will be more aware of the functioning of those muscles.

3 Reasons Why NFT Works

There are 3 key advantages to training a muscle twice within a 24-36 hour window. 
  •  Prolonged Protein Synthesis
  • This is where you need to make sure that you are following along with the 3-Phase Metabolic Fueling System and have your pre, intra, and post workout nutrition down. The second session is there to increase the anabolic response of the first session. This phase also helps to extend the protein synthesis, also increasing nutrient transport to the muscle.
  • Protein synthesis is elevated after the initial training session for 24-36 hours and because the 2 workout is more of a “blood-pumping” workout, you have the ability to shuttle much more nutrients into muscle, increasing recovery and growth opportunities. If you are not following the 3- Phase Metabolic Fueling System and ensuring that your intra and post training nutrition are fueling your body with the proper macronutrients, you are putting yourself at risk of losing out on opportunities for increased gains.

  •  Enhanced Feedback
  • Do you ever notice how aware you become of a particular muscle group after an extreme training day? Usually that muscle will appear to be slightly harder “or full”, or you’ll just be more aware of it because it is sore. Whatever the case, if you go train that muscle again in an increased state of awareness, you will be improving upon your “mind-muscle” connection. This is crucial for your growth both when applying NFT principles as well as under your standard training. If you aren’t feeling a muscle work when training it, chances are you are not fully activating those muscles, and missing out on opportunities for growth. Improved mind-muscle connection and ability to activate your muscles will be a take away from Neuromuscular Frequency Training that will pay off in your training for the rest of your life.

  •  Enhanced Muscle Responsiveness
  • Due to the increased protein synthesis and nutrient delivery, and your ability to contract and feel that muscle working greater the next day, the muscle is going to be much more responsive to training that second day. Be aware though, that due to soreness or not fully be recovered, your force production and output may be decreased It’s important that you work with lighter loads for the “feeder workouts” and focus on pumping as much blood into the muscle with solid contractions and high repetition workouts with increased time under tension. Remember, these are not full and complete workouts. You’ll need to stay within the 6-10 set range total.
***I cannot stress enough the importance of making sure that your intra workout nutrition is on point. Make sure you are fueling your body with both carbohydrates and BCAAs during these workouts.

NFT is an advanced training method, and is not easy.

So if you aren’t prepared for some serious hard work, and periods of being a little uncomfortable, then do not proceed with implementing this.

But if you are someone who is committed to achieving some serious muscle gains, and are looking for that one solution to push you past the plateau that you are stuck at, then Neuromuscular Frequency Training may be exactly what you need.

I recommend using NFT for no more than 2 body parts at a time, and for a duration no longer than 12 weeks, followed by at least 8 weeks off.

There’s no such thing as a weak genetic body part. If a muscle is lagging behind the rest, it’s because you haven’t given it the attention in needs, and more than likely struggle when it comes to contracting it to its fullest, spend some time working on it, and before you know it, that so called “weakness” will become a STRENGTH.

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